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Ever get that feeling that your skin is still rough after a hot shower? Or you pull your dishes from the dishwasher and they retain a filmy residue? Hard water could be the cause! It is a major issue for many people living here in the Southwest United States. But don’t worry, it is an issue which Parker & Sons can solve! Let’s learn about hard water!

What is Hard Water?

Hard water contains a high mineral content. The water accumulates minerals as it percolates through the ground. Hard water is extremely common in deserts and the Western part of the United States. Solutions such as water softener systems are available, but are often argued to be expensive. In the long run however, it may be worth the investment.

Waste and Damage Around the Home

Cleaning is a production. Hard water makes it tougher for soap to work up a lather, which causes people to overuse kitchen soap, body wash, and even laundry detergent. You could even be buying more cleaning supplies such as lime remover to get rid of those pesky water spots. An extra expense that comes with overuse of product. Since you’re constantly using more you have to buy more, making hard water indirectly expensive because of its lack in practicality.

Underneath the surface your plumbing is under attack. Hard water will build up inside your pipes. This leads to weaker water flow and a strain on your plumbing system. Sometimes hard water causes erosion, which leads to leaky pipes and further destruction in your home.


Plumbers can be called out to clean blockages, repair leaks, or even replace pipes altogether. The longer a hard water problem is ignored however, the more expensive and taxing the repairs will be. Watch out for the signs of hard water in your home and be proactive in combatting against it! Repairs are useful for a temporary fix, but if you want to get rid of hard water for good, a water softener is definitely the way to go.

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