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Going green and becoming energy efficient is an increasingly important topic these days. Individuals are becoming obsessed with ways that they can minimize their ecological footprint while saving money and maybe even living longer! We have talked a lot about ways to make your home more energy efficient on a day-to-day basis, but today we will talk about green building. We will learn about what it is and why it could be important.

Defining Green Building

Green building is defined as construction which is done with materials that have at least one of the following characteristics: they are nontoxic, made from recycled content, resource efficient, environmentally conscious, or possess an extremely long lifespan. The more of these characteristics a specific material possesses, the more green it is considered to be. As you can see, only a few of these traits are aimed at making a home more energy efficient. Green building is about much more than simple energy efficiency.

Benefits of Green Building

At a cursory glance, it may seem like green building is rather constraining. There are a lot of characteristics buildings materials have to fill. As previously discussed, green building will make your home more energy efficient. Building using green materials will also eliminate toxic out-gassing which can occur with a number of synthetic building materials such as fiberglass, which the Department of Health and Human Services has placed on its list of suspected carcinogens. This will give your home better indoor air quality.

How to Build Green

The first thing you need to do if you are interested in green building, is hire an architect who is familiar with the practices and details of green building. This will make the entire process go smoothly. They will select what materials to build from, and plan the entire process accordingly.

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