Knowing you Need a New AC - Parker & Sons

There comes a point in every person’s life when out of nowhere their faithful friend, their AC, stops working. Of course your AC cannot live forever and it will eventually break down. This is a natural part of their life. A jagged pill to swallow but nevertheless a dose of reality. But here is what you need to know about the life of your AC.

AC Works in Dog Years

Essentially, one year of human time is equivalent to seven years of AC time. After about ten years of human time your AC is seventy-seven years old, the average age of expiration. What’s more, once the AC hits the ten year mark, maintenance becomes expensive and eventually you will need a new one. It’s hard to cut the cord with a friend and your AC is indeed a very good friend. But once you start paying out the wazoo on maintenance bills and wasted energy you will reevaluate your relationship with the AC.

The Benefits of a New AC Unit

Your house will ultimately be happier if you purchases a replacement AC. Old AC units means rising inefficiency and that inefficiency leads to higher energy bills. But with the advancement in HVAC technology there’s no need to overpay for inefficiency. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios are the highest they’ve ever been, and homeowners will be happy the effect these new units have on the house.

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