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Turn your kitchen or bathroom inspiration into reality. Parker & Sons can make it happen!

Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen the look you’ve always wanted or given it a bit of a face-lift, we’re here to help. The remodeling experts at Parker & Sons have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. We will work with you step by step so that our work, can reflect the dream kitchen you always wanted.

The best thing about being a homeowner is having the freedom to customize your entire house, including your kitchen. We have a team of technicians who know how to create the bathroom, or kitchen, of your dreams. Our contractors can take your kitchen from standard unexciting design to custom remodel that your friends, family, and neighbors can’t help but be jealous of. Don’t stress trying to hire multiple plumbers, AC guys, Electricians or Dry Wallers, we do it all. We are your one-stop-shop for a remodel of any scope or budget. You just relax and know that all the steps in the remodeling process are taken care of by us. Parker & Sons gives you a high-quality kitchen or bathroom minus the headaches of hiring multiple contractors for your dream design.

Benefits of a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Our experts work with small details to completely remodel your bathroom or kitchen. We look at things like fixtures, faucets, counter-tops, and cabinets. All these details will be used to create the right look for your new kitchen.

Some of the benefits of kitchen & bath remodeling:

  • Energy-saving: Upgrading your appliances will help you save energy that will help reduce your utility bill.
  • Reduce water usage: Updated fixtures will help you reduce water usage
  • Updated look. Updated aesthetics will help update how your layout looks. Most remodels brighten up the kitchen and give you more space.

 If you are in need of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, don’t hesitate to call us. Count on us to give you a high-quality experience with our remodeling services.

Parker & Sons technicians are experienced in every plumbing aspect of bathroom and kitchen remodeling. All of our services are available in-house by our friendly, professional staff, which means better quality control and fewer complications for you. We install fixtures, create custom showers, garden tubs, custom sinks, drywall and much more…Not only will you love our expert work, but you’ll also love our affordable prices.

Just ask for complete details on how we can bring new life to your kitchen and bathrooms! Once we start working on your project, we do not stop until it is completed to your satisfaction – guaranteed!

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