Key Indicators That An HVAC System May Be Malfunctioning - Parker & Sons

Today’s modern HVAC units are reliable, dependable and long lasting in most instances. That said there are still some cases where an HVAC system will show signs of improper operation or an impending major malfunction. Knowing in advance what to expect in this regard can ultimately save homeowners time, trouble and money in the long run. For example, strange noises are considered to be a clear sign that an HVAC system may be operating at less than peak efficiency or may be close to malfunctioning completely.

Inspect The System When Noises Are Emanating

In some instances, unusual noises may simply indicate that there is a loose vent or some other loose component somewhere within the system. Other reasons for noises include a dent or multiple dents in the air ducting. Either way, it is always recommended to have a professional heating and cooling contractor inspect the system when noises are emanating from the system. Other instances were noises may be coming from an HVAC system could be a loose belt or even something as simple as a loose screw.

A Stuck Valve Can Also Cause This Type Of Problem

Another clear sign that a system may be malfunctioning or not operating up to standards is when water pools around a unit. This may be the result of some type of blockage in a water drain or water tube. Homeowners would best be served by simply having an HVAC contractor inspect a system under these conditions. Those unfamiliar with the inner workings and operation of an HVAC system should refrain from trying to repair this type of problem on their own. A stuck valve can also cause this type of problem to occur.

A Simple Misplaced Button On A Programmable Thermostat

Finally, if a system is not producing the heating or cooling that it is expected to produce, there may be underlying problems that should be addressed immediately. One of the easiest fixes in this regard is to simply check the thermostat to ensure that all settings are correct. There are times when a simple misplaced button on a programmable thermostat can cause a system to appear to be malfunctioning. Adjust the thermostat as necessary to return an HVAC system to normal operation. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix heating and cooling services that include maintenance, repair and installation.

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