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Breathing in clean, fresh air can make you feel more vibrant, healthy, and energetic. Air quality can very not just from city to city to city, or home to home, but from room to room in your house! The best way to ensure that you are breathing in pure, quality air is through the use of an air filter.

Types of filters

There are many types of air filters for many different uses. There are air filters in your car, in your home, and even in the International Space Station. Three common types of home air filters are as follows:

First, and most common of these air filters is the fiberglass filter. These are a disposable form of filter that is built by layering thin films of fiberglass on top of one another until they form a filtering medium. Air flows through the filter while dust and another particulates are caught in the fiberglass.

Less common are polyester and pleated filters. These made of a more durable and resistant material that typically has greater dust-stopping abilities.   

Finally come air ionisers. These filters use an electric charge to remove particles from the air. Dust and other airborne particles are attracted to the charged surface of the ioniser much the way fine hairs are attracted by static electricity.

Benefits of using an air filter

The benefits of using an air filter can be felt almost immediately. The air you are breathing will feel more fresh and pure. Air filters having been proven to help alleviate allergy symptoms and even aid in the treatment of asthma. Fiberglass and polyester filters can be installed directly into your air conditioning system while air ionisers can be bought as standalone units which you can place in high traffic rooms in your house.    

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