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That is right, we needed more than one blog to cover all of the common and costly plumbing myths that people pass around. Parker & Sons learns a lot about plumbing myths because we are usually the ones who have to clean up from the messes they create. Remember, if you are unsure about anything regarding your home plumbing system, you should contact a professional plumber. You don’t want to turn a minor problem into a major disaster but doing the wrong thing. Today we will look at a few more dangerous plumbing myths

Plungers are good for Everything

This little plumbing myth isn’t so much costly as it is dangerous. We can’t count the number of homeowners who have told us that they busted a common clog in the kitchen sink using their plunger. This is a major health hazard. The odds are, you have never thoroughly sanitized your plunger. The plunger is a breeding ground for bacteria. It should never be brought anywhere where food is prepared and cross contamination could occur. Even if your plunger has sat idle for several months, you should find another way to bust that kitchen clog.

Hand Soap Cleans Everything

Hand soap is not a miracle solution. Sure, it is perfect for washing your hands, which is an extremely important aspect of hygiene, but it should not be used to clean other surfaces. Brass and other materials what plumbing fixtures are commonly made out of, could be damaged by hand soap. Rather, you should use a milder cleaner on these surfaces, such as baking soda, or even cut lemons. Further, hand soap might create soap scum, which could build up in your home pipes and cause a clog. It is best to purchase a wide range of cleaning solutions to take care of each surface in your home.

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