It’s Nice When Everybody Wins - Parker & Sons

When it comes to philanthropy, we at Parker and Sons are always thrilled to contribute to the community responsible for our success. We donate generously to several charities, but our favorite is the Special Olympics. It gives athletes with intellectual abilities a chance to compete, while empowering the 180,000 mentally disabled Arizonans with hope and strength. But, the athletes are not just a beacon of hope for other intellectually disabled individuals. Everyone can learn something from the courageous athletes. We are inspired by them, and that is why we started the Everybody Wins Program.

A Triangle of Support

Our Everybody Wins Program is designed to benefit the customer, the Special Olympics, and of course, us at Parker and Sons. For every maintenance call or repair we donate $5 dollars on behalf of the customer, and $20 for the installation of an AC unit. The customer gains satisfaction knowing they made a difference, we continue to gain business, and the Special Olympics appreciates the generous donations. Last year, we raised a total of $400k. This year we hope to surpass that.

Corresponding Legacies 

Part of the reason we ardently support the Special Olympics is because the arc of our progression intersects with theirs. The Special Olympics was started by a few brave philanthropist who decided to open a summer camp for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Since then, the Special Olympics has grown into one of the largest organizations in the world, supporting 4.4 million athletes internationally. So it is the same with Parker and Sons. Grandpa parker began this business with a van, a garage, and a desire to succeed. Now we hire forty new employees every month just to meet the demand of the valley. Sometimes there has to be a winner and loser, but occasionally, a situation will arise when everybody wins.

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