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A woman being sprayed in the face by a leaking fawcet

Thinking about the inner workings of the plumbing in your home isn’t very exciting, but it’s important. You need to make sure that these systems are in good condition! There’s nothing worse than getting a call from a loved one about a burst pipe, a clogged drain, or a faulty water heater. To help you prevent these types of plumbing nightmares, here is a list of things you can check in your home for the season ahead.

Sewer line

Have a plumbing professional look at your sewer line to the street. It’s important to run a video camera through the line to identify potential problems. Tree roots, corrosion, and clogs can all break down the pipe. And, trust us, you don’t want it to collapse.

Water heater

Check the age; water heaters should last at least 10 years. If it’s much older than that, you might consider replacing it. Furthermore, keep the location of the water heater in mind as well as it could cause even larger issues if it leaks.


Check for leaks at the base of the toilet because these types of leaks can lead to significant damage for both the toilet and the floor if not addressed. Look for a rocking toilet and discoloration at base or warping. Additionally, flush each toilet to make sure there are no clogs.

Water pressure

To test the water pressure, turn on all faucets at once. To get high enough pressure, you’ll need 3/4” pipes from the water source to your home, and at least a 1/2” or more to faucets.

These are just some of the major parts of your plumbing system you should check. If you need a professional to come and inspect your entire plumbing system, Parker & Sons are here to help! Please give us a call at (602) 273-7247 or schedule an appointment online today!

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