Insulation: Keeping you Hot and Cold - Parker & Sons

You probably spend as much as 90 percent of your life surrounded by insulation without ever realizing it. Every building you walk into is stuffed full of insulation. Insulation is an important tool to help keep inside temperature from fluctuating too broadly. Insulation doesn’t just keep you warm or cold while you are inside. Insulations job is to keep that inside temperature from changing.

Temperature is always trying to balance itself out. Heat diffuses, which simply put means that heat is always trying to spread out. A hot pan slowly gets cool by spreading its heat out, that is, it shares that heat with the air around it. Because there is so much air in your kitchen, the heat given off by the pan is not noticeable. A fire is doing the same thing. The high amount of heat given away by a fire can be felt in the air close to it. The further away you move from a fire the more space this heat has to spread out and the less noticeable it is!

Insulation’s job is to keep this temperature balancing act from happening. If it is warm and cozy inside your house, but freezing cold outside, the last thing you want is for that warmth to try and slip outside and keep the snowbanks company. Insulation is like the bouncer at a bar, but in reverse! Its job is to keep thing inside, rather than out.

The insulation in homes is often made up of fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool, polystyrene foam, or even cork. A well-insulated building is energy efficient, comfortable, and costs less to maintain than a poorly insulated building. You should familiarize yourself with how your home is insulated and make sure your insulation is properly maintained. 

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