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There are many incentives and benefits available to homeowners and business owners today when it comes to replacing an old or out of date HVAC system. In fact, there are so many benefits to taking this type of action that is difficult to imagine not seriously considering replacing an older system with a modern more energy-efficient HVAC unit.

A Modern State-Of-The-Art Unit

For example, in most cases an HVAC system that is more than a decade old will require repair and maintenance costs that are equal to nearly half the value of the system itself. This is a substantial amount of money that is being spent on maintenance and repair that could easily be invested in a new energy efficient Energy Star type HVAC system. In short, replacing a heating and cooling system with a modern state-of-the-art unit is a cost-effective way to save money over the long term. The simple act of upgrading to a new energy efficient unit can save a great deal of energy and money.

Local Tax Credits To Federal Tax Credits

Best of all, a new unit will come with a comprehensive warranty that will ultimately save homeowners and business owners money on repair costs should any unexpected issues arise at any time. As an added bonus, those installing a newer more energy-efficient heating and cooling system can enjoy a wide variety of tax incentives. From local tax credits to federal tax credits and state tax credits, there are many advantages to installing a new unit or system in a residential or commercial setting.

Tax Incentive Should Always Be Taken Into Account

Some estimates suggest that homeowners and business owners can easily save 30 to 40% off the cost of a newer energy-efficient system just in tax savings alone. When the choice between repair and replacement is being considered, tax incentives should always be taken into account. Finally, one more obvious reason for choosing to replace a system as compared to repairing is the overall level of air quality and air comfort. A new energy efficient system will provide for uninterrupted high quality air conditioning that is always available through the hottest times of the summer and the coolest times of winter. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about energy efficient HVAC systems that are repaired, replaced and installed in Phoenix Arizona.

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