Important Tasks to Add to Your Home Maintenance Checklist (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

As we previously discussed, maintaining a home is a lot of work. The forces of entropy (chaos, craziness, kids, dogs, everything else in daily life) are constantly working against you. Not only are things getting dirty, they are falling apart as well. One day the toilet is clogged, the next day the refrigerator stops running, the next day your daughter rather frighteningly roasts a Barbie Doll over the gas stove ruining… just about the entire thing. Whew. Ya. We feel you. Maintaining a home is tough. But someone has to do it! What are you waiting around for?

Refrigerator Coil Cleaning

When was the last time your cleaned under your refrigerator? We wouldn’t be surprised if the answer were “never.” You would be in solid company, joining just about every other American. Did you know that your failure to clean under your refrigerator could actually be costing you money on a daily basis? It is true! Underneath your refrigerator, you will find refrigerator coils. They are responsible for releasing heat, and they help keep the inside of your fridge cool. When they get dirty, they do not work as effectively.

This forces your refrigerator to work extra hard to keep your perishable food cold. A hard working refrigerator sucks up electricity. Electricity costs money. Money! Ideally, you should clean your refrigerator coils 2-4 times a year. For simplicity sake, you can use a vacuum to suck up all the accumulated dirt and dust (There will be a lot. Eww. Gross), then take a damp rag and wipe down the coils. If the coils are difficult to reach, you may want to consider investing in a long-handled coil-cleaning brush. These bendy, flexible brushes can help you get those coils cleaned without having to stretch and strain your back.

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