Important Tasks to Add to Your Home Maintenance Checklist (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

“Sheesh,” you are probably thinking, “my home maintenance checklist just keeps getting longer and longer, thanks a lot Parker & Sons!” You are welcome!! We are more than happy to help you beef up that list of chores you need to do. It may seem like a drag now, but you will thank us in the long run. Once you finish up with all of these jobs, your home is going to be in amazing condition. After that, you can rest up for a day or two before starting the list all over again! What fun home ownership is.

Water Heater Sediment Solution

Nothing is more frustrating and unpleasant than hopping in the shower, cranking on the water, only to find that it is blistering COLD. We live in Phoenix! We expect heat! Even from our water. If your water heater just isn’t producing hot water anymore and you can’t figure out why it could be linked to sediment buildup. Here in the Southwest United States where the water is notoriously hard, sediment buildup is a frequent problem. If sediment has built up inside you water heater, it could cause the lower heating element to fail. Even if the heating element doesn’t fail, the efficiency of the water heater will be negatively impacted. Periodically draining the water heater can not only lower your energy bill, but extend the life of the heating unit as well. It is recommended to drain the heater once a year.

Smooth Sliding

When you think about appliance you use on a daily basis, you probably don’t think of your garage door! Well, the garage door is an appliance like any other and subject to general wear and tear. Several times a year you should use an all-purpose lubricant to lubricate the rollers, hinges, springs, and track. This simple step will extend the life of your garage door.

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