Important Information Regarding the Maintenance of your Heating System - Parker & Sons

Carefully maintaining your heating unit is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save on money. The absolute best way to increase energy efficiency is by purchasing and installing a new state-of-the-art, high-efficiency heating unit, but this isn’t an option for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of low cost ways to get ahead of the game.

Invest in a Professional Tune-up

Professional tune-ups are great ways to make sure you are squeezing ever bit of efficiency you can out of your heating system. They will not only be able to make sure you unit is working at peak efficiency today, they will also be able to point out other ways you can make your home more energy efficient.

Routine professional tune-ups become more important depending on what type of heating system you have. Oil-fired systems need to be tuned up on an annual basis regardless of how frequently they are used. Gas-fired units can receive bi-annual maintenance while heat pumps should be checked every three years.

In addition to increasing the efficiency of your heating system, a professional tune-up will help your system last longer. A routine maintenance program could add years on to the life of an average heating system.

A skilled heating professional can perform a number of additional jobs which will help to improve the overall effectiveness of your home heating system. A flue temperature assessment can determine if there is an excessive amount of heat escaping your home through the flue. A combustion efficiency check will determine if your heating system is consuming fueling as effectively as it could be. All of these factors interact and influence the overall energy efficiency of your home. Making small optimizations can have a massive impact in the long run.

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