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One of the best ways to maintain an air-conditioning system in excellent condition year-round is to consider a few simple strategies. For example, perhaps one of the simplest and most obvious ways to maintain an HVAC system in excellent condition is to simply change the air filters frequently. The frequency of replacement should be on par with the amount of usage that a system experiences. For example, those who use a system rarely should change filters once per year.

Appliances Can Raise The Temperature In A Home

However, in a home where an air-conditioning system is used each and every day it is best to change filters every 90 days. Here is a great strategy that is often overlooked and that can greatly enhance air conditioning system performance and efficiency. Homeowners should consider operating major appliances during the coldest times of the day. Appliances are known to generate a tremendous amount of heat when they are in use. From washing machines to dishwashers and clothing dryers, appliances can increase the temperature in a home rather quickly.

A Far Better Living Environment

Homeowners can save money and extend the useful life of an air-conditioning system by simply planning ahead and using appliances during the coldest times of the day. Best of all, reducing energy usage, saving money and putting less stress on air-conditioning components equates to a far better living environment. Another great way to improve efficiency with regard to a home HVAC system is to simply make full use of blinds and shades in a home. By simply blocking the UV rays of the sun, a homeowner can lower the temperature indoors by several degrees.

Portable Fans And Other Types Of Fan Devices

This is another instance where a little prior planning can ultimately put less wear and tear and stress on air-conditioning system. All this combined with checking the insulation around doors and windows and filling cracks and gaps where heat or air conditioning may escape can greatly improve HVAC system performance. As an added note, ceiling fans, portable fans and other types of fan devices can be used in a cost-effective manner to keep air moving in a home and ultimately reduce the use of an HVAC system. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix air conditioning maintenance, repair and servicing for both homeowners and business owners throughout the region.

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