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Today’s modern homes and the occupants in these homes along with expensive furniture and other valuables require that a home have proper ventilation. In fact, a heating and cooling system must be fully functional along with good ventilation to ensure that a home is environmentally controlled year-round. This combined with having ducting cleaned on a regular basis is essential to maintaining optimum health for everyone living in a typical modern house today. Air quality is a major concern today, because there are cases where indoor air can actually be more polluted than outdoor air.

Proper Ventilation Is Essential To Controlling Humidity Levels

Good ventilation is also crucial because it prevents moisture related problems and subsequent mold growth from developing. Moisture and mold can lead to wood rot as well as damaged insulation and in some cases even structural damage. Proper ventilation is essential in controlling humidity levels in a home so that an HVAC unit is not required to work as hard in order to control the temperature indoors. This also leads to improvements in efficient operation and substantial savings in terms of utility bills.

This Is Another Way That Homeowners Save Money

A well-ventilated indoor home environment also improves the overall temperature control of a typical residential home. Best of all, a good ventilation system can reduce the need for AC and thereby extend the life of the unit. This is another way that homeowners save money. From whole house fans that are mounted on the ceiling to fans that make use of existing duct work, having a way to evacuate air in conjunction with the operation of an HVAC system is a sensible concept. Even the small exhaust fans located in the bathroom and kitchen can assist in this regard.

These Spaces Should Always Have Good Ventilation

Another aspect of house ventilation is how an attic or crawlspace is ventilated. Providing adequate ventilation in these spaces is essential to keeping an HVAC system performing at its best at all times. These spaces should always have good ventilation to reduce humidity and to help the primary HVAC system to maintain better temperature control year-round. Anytime visual mold or mildew is detected homeowners should contact an HVAC professional right away. Contact Parker & Sons today for detailed information of Phoenix HVAC system service, maintenance, installation and repair.

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