Illustrating the Home Plumbing System - Parker & Sons

Before a home can be built, an architect must draw up blueprints. Blueprints must account for every detail of the home. One of these details is the home plumbing system, which is itself very complex. Most homeowners have little knowledge about the function of the home plumbing system. They don’t know how it works. They don’t even know what all is entailed in their home plumbing system. In today’s blog, Parker & Sons will illustrate a few of the important elements of the home plumbing system.

The Water Supply

Plumbing depends on water. That water has to come from somewhere! And where is that, you might wonder? It comes from the municipal water system, which runs below the street in front of your house. The equipment regulating this supply is relatively simple, being made of pipes, a main shutoff valve, and a water meter which measure the volume of water being used in the residence.

The Drain Waste Vent System (DWV)

Just as it is important to get water into the house, it is important to remove waste. This is the job of the drain waste vent system. It carries waste water away from the home to the public sewer system. The vent system helps the drains maintain the proper pressure, and allows sewage gas to vent out above the home.

The Two Major Systems: Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom make up the two major plumbing systems in the home. As such, these are the locations where most of the plumbing work occur. Kitchens typically have simple plumbing systems, featuring a dishwasher which is connected to the kitchen sink and the garbage disposal. The bathroom is often more complex as it must manage the sink, the toilet, and the shower.

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