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Pets are among the best family members we have: They love usunconditionally, they’re always excited to see us, they make us laugh and theygive us comfort. Simply put, we’re much better with them around!

However, spring is fast approaching and with it comesallergies. You don’t want to add your pet’s hair and dander on top of seasonalallergies making spring miserable for yourself and your loved ones. We’ve comeup with a list of five tips to help keep a pet owners’ HVAC system workingefficiently.

Groom your pets regularly

Grooming your pets regularlyreduces the amount of shedding which is fantastic news for reducing cleaningtime and prolonging the life of your air filter. Pet hair not only covers yourfilter’s surface, it can also clog your air ducts. So, make sure you schedule agrooming appointment for your “best friend” every now and then!

Check and change your HVAC air filter often

As you know, your dogs and catsshed loads of hair, which is also dispersing pet dander. They are tinyparticles of dead skin that go airborne, and then your HVAC system catches itin your air filter.

Over the span of a couple monthsyour system’s air filter will become caked with dust, as well as pet hair anddander. This blocks airflow which means your system will have to work harderand more often, causing unnecessary stress to your system and your wallet.

To prevent this from happening,check your air filter every month (especially with spring coming up). This willensure your system isn’t being bogged down by dust, hair and pet dander. Youshould change your filter every three months. If you have more than one pet,then you should consider changing it more frequently.

Clean the air vents

Both hair and dander can easilyclog air vents too. When you break out the vacuum at home, don’t forget toswitch to hose mode and suck up the hair and dust in and around your air vents.

Get an air cleaner

Having an air cleaner is always agood choice, especially if you have pets. Parker & Sons carry some of thebest air filtration systemsin the industry and have something for every budget and need. These systems aredesigned to help keep your home free from pet hair and dander.

Schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC professional

You can only do so much yourself,as far as keeping your vents and air filters in good condition. By havingregular maintenance scheduled for your home’s HVAC system, you can be assuredthat your system will be thoroughly cleaned. It can also identify currentproblems and prevent future issues.

If you’re experiencing air quality issues in your Phoenix-area home, our professionals at Parker & Sons would love to talk to you about the different solutions that we have to offer. Simply give us a call at (602) 273-7247 or schedule a service online

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