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An HVAC system that is properly maintained and well cared for will last for many years and even decades. That said there are some useful and essential tips for both homeowners and business owners that are looking to extend the life of this important piece of modern day comfort and convenience related equipment. For example, something as simple as making certain that a programmable thermostat is part of an HVAC system can make a big difference.

Mobile Device Or Computer

A programmable thermostat will help homeowners and business owners save money and to better control air-conditioning related costs. In today’s completely connected world it is even possible to control a thermostat remotely via a mobile device or computer. Another smart way to get more out of any HVAC system is to always remember that allowing a house or business to get too hot will ultimately cost more in energy usage to re-cool the space. Maintaining a constant temperature is often the best option.

Turn Off The Compressor

One essential with regard to maintaining an HVAC system is always be aware of the fact that a system can ice up on occasion. This combined with the fact that a drain line can also freeze is an aspect of HVAC operation that homeowners and business owner should always be aware of as a way to prevent damage to the system. A good remedy for dealing with freezing components in an HVAC system is to simply turn off the compressor and turn the thermostat control to the fan only position. Above all else, it is advisable to contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible when there are problems.

Qualified And Knowledgeable Heating And Cooling Contractor

Perhaps one of the smartest things a homeowner or business owner can possibly do with regard to maintaining and caring for an HVAC system is to have an ongoing professional relationship with an experienced HVAC contractor. This combined with having annual inspections can ensure that a heating and cooling system will work as advertised year-round without interruption. Heating and air-conditioning contractors can be researched by talking to friends, neighbors and family members about their experiences with a professional in the industry. This is an excellent strategy for finding an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable heating and cooling contractor in the local area. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix HVAC repair and maintenance services.

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