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Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility that includes taking care of an HVAC system to ensure that it operates at peak performance throughout the year. Here are a few excellent ways to maintain an HVAC system at its very best to ensure reliability and dependability when it is needed the most. For example, installing ceiling fans is a smart and cost-effective way of making better use of an existing HVAC system.

Counterclockwise Direction To Draw Warm Air Down

By installing ceiling fans, homeowners can easily switch on a fan to run clockwise during the summer time to push cool air down towards the lower parts of the room. Best of all, a ceiling fan can be operated for an entire month for well under two dollars in electricity. This is a substantial savings when compared to running an air conditioner. Equally impressive is that a ceiling fan can easily be operated in the counterclockwise direction to draw warm air down during the winter months.

Save Energy And To Increase The Overall Interior Appeal Of Any Space

While it is recommended that homeowners contact an electrical contractor to have a ceiling fan installed, some homeowners choose to do the work on their own. Either way, taking full advantage of all modern ceiling fans have to offer is a great way to save energy and to increase the overall interior appeal of any space. Another key strategy for improving HVAC system operation is to carefully consider landscaping material that will be used around the home. Homeowners should refrain from using large amounts of cement, rock or asphalt for landscaping purposes.

Low Maintenance Landscaping That Use Minimal Amounts Of Water

This is simply due to the fact that large amounts of landscaping material such as rock or cement can cause an outdoor air conditioning unit to become excessively hot. This is especially true with regard to units that are installed on the south or west side of a typical home. The best option in this regard is to consider installing grass or other types of low maintenance landscaping that use minimal amounts of water. This combined with ensuring that an air-conditioning unit is well shaded can greatly enhance the overall performance of this important home system. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about HVAC system maintenance, repair and installation in Phoenix.

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