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One of the most basic yet most important aspects of maintaining a heating and cooling system in the best condition possible is to simply exercise proper air filter replacement strategies. Replacing filters on a regular basis can serve to increase efficiency, extend the useful life of a heating and cooling system and reduce the incidence of allergies around the home. Improving the quality of air in a home can be as simple as maintaining proper air filter replacement schedules.

Distributed Throughout The Home

From dust mites to pet dander and a wide variety of other common allergens, a clean HVAC system air filter will trap particulates and allergens greatly reducing the chances of having dirty indoor air. It is standard practice for a typical HVAC system to extract air from the outdoors, condition the air and then distribute it throughout the home. Keeping this simple fact in mind it is easy to see why regular filter replacement is so important. This is especially true with regard to those that have serious or sensitive allergies.

The Right Type And Right Size Of Filter Is Being Used

High quality, high efficiency filters are designed to remove spores, particulates and allergens from the air. Regular inspections of filters and changing filters on a schedule can substantially improve overall indoor-air quality. One recommended strategy for changing air filters on a regular basis in the right way is to simply check the manufacturer’s service manual to make sure that the right type and right size of filter is being used. It is even a good idea to carry this documentation along when buying air filters. An improperly fitted filter can greatly reduce energy efficiency.

Changing Filters On A Regular Basis

Another excellent tip for getting the most out of air filter replacement is to consider buying filters in bulk. This is a great way to save money and reduce the necessity for having to shop for filters every month. Equally important is to consider storing filters close to the HVAC unit so that changing filters on a regular basis is easy and convenient. Finally, ensuring that the arrow markers on the air filter are pointing in the right direction will further guarantee that an HVAC system operates as intended. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation related services.

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