HVAC Maintenance for Us - Parker & Sons

You have taken the steps you’re able to when it comes to doing the upkeep of your HVAC system, but what next? Well, then it comes down to regular, routine maintenance from us trained professionals. If you’re wondering just why you should even get a tune-up, well just take a look there. So what do we do when we come in there with our 40-point checklist for maintenance? Here are just some of the maintenance steps we take. Buckle your seatbelt because it’s about to get filled with jargon.

When we dispatch an HVAC technician to the site, they’re equipped with a number of tools to perform the job necessary.  They head out into the field wielding basic hand tools, wrenches, screwdrivers and the like, as well as carbon monoxide testers, combustion analyzers, torchers, and voltmeters. The job itself might be anything from installing a unit, connecting systems such a fuel, water supply lines, air ducts,etc.. Test, repair, check the wiring in the unit itself to ensure that everything is receiving the proper power and signals. Replacing malfunctioning components is also, of course,an important goal of our workers. If something isn’t working right, and we can’t find the fix, we need to get a new part in there ASAP and not leave you suffering through the temperatures. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to identify any of these problems and get your unit running up to speed.

We know, there were a lot of terms in there that are frankly nonsense to the layman. Trust us when we say that each of those tools has a purpose, and each of the components in an HVAC unit has a maintenance need. This whole operation can take some time if the unit hasn’t been upkept and instead let work until it failed. That’s why a routine maintenance schedule from someone such as us can mean the difference between a quick fix or a total system failure, leaving you and your family sweating.

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