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Humidifiers essentially add moisture to the air which is beneficial to the lungs and protects against dry skin and split ends, two unsightly shortcomings. Sure, using flowers, burning incense, or boiling water on the stove will add moisture to your homes atmosphere. But nothing will be more effective than adding a humidifier to your home. It will circulate dense healthy air throughout the domicile, and you will certainly feel the difference.

Allergy Issues and the Cause of Colds

When your body lacks moisture, it will usually attempt to overcompensate by discharging mucus in the sinuses which can lead to uncomfortable congestion. Mucus is then permitted to drip down the esophagus, which is known to lead to a sore throat. But, a humidifier can mitigate the risk of this happening. That is why good doctors will encourage patients struggling with cold and sore throat symptoms to purchase a humidifier and employ it in the house.

Split Ends Are Gross

Personally, it’s hard for me to notice a split end. But I’ve been told I’m insensitive, so I am by no means an authority on the matter. I do know that women tend to scorn split ends like the plague, and I also know that humidifiers significantly decrease the occurrence of split ends. Dry air depletes the moisture from your hair and scalp, and causes hair to appear brittle and unsightly. What’s more, dry air can even causes dandruff, which I notice, and I am thoroughly repulsed by it. But a humidifier could prevent this from happening, and one would be wise to protect themselves against it.

Give yourself a Break

There’re already a million things in the world that can kill you, cause cancer, or give you wrinkles in the future. At least a humidifier will pacify some of these assailants.

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