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If you are going to be doing some plumbing work of your own anytime soon, you should learn how to turn off your home’s water supply. The last thing you want to do when working on your own plumbing system would be to cause a minor home flood. When you are doing your own plumbing, you don’t have anyone to blame your mistakes on! Your wife isn’t going to believe this one wasn’t your fault, believe us. Avoid home flooding by turning off the water before you start any work.

Local Shutoffs for Toilets or Sinks

If you are going to be repairs a sink or a toilet, you are in luck, it should be very easy to shut off the water to these devices. They typically have a local shutoff, which means you are not going to have to turn off the water to the entire home. Below the sink or the toilet there should be a line going into the wall. This is the water source. A rotating handle will be attached to a valve. Turn it to the right until the valve is sealed. Now you are ready to get to work.

Tricky Local Shutoffs

Unfortunately, not all local shutoffs are going to be as easy to use as those below your sink or your toilet. The shutoffs for showers or bathtubs are usually much trickier to find. Look behind the shower or around the nearby wall for an access panel. You made need to use a screwdriver to get in. This is where the local shutoff should be located. If it isn’t in there, you are going to have to resort to plan B.

Whole Home Shutoff

If you are unable to do a local shutoff, you are going to have to resort to shutting off the water to the entire home. Go to your home’s water meter. This is where all of your home’s water comes from. It will have a shutoff valve somewhere. You want to turn off the valve which appears before the water meter, not after, this is important.

Good luck! Now you are readying to start some home plumbing repairs.

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