How to Tell if Your Water Softener is Broken? (Part 2) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back! We hope that you haven’t run into some of the issues we mentioned in our previous post covering some of the ways to tell whether or not you have hard water or if your water softener is broken. While no one should have to go through what we mentioned previously, there are also other ways that help to indicate you have a hard water problem in your home. Here are the additional few we are going to mention…

  • Your laundry isn’t coming out the same as before: It doesn’t matter if you wash your clothes in cold or hot water, on delicate, normal, or heavy… when you have hard water washing your clothes they won’t come out or feel the same after a wash. Hard water has been known to leave clothes stiff or scratchy, seeing as hard water doesn’t do as good of a job of washing out laundry detergent than soft water. It can also result in clothes looking less vibrant, or ruining them altogether, especially for more delicate pieces.
  • You might be noticing additional soap scum buildup in a number of places: It’s just a fact that hard water leads to soap scrum buildup, as hard water leaves a soapy film on anything it comes in contact with. Over time, hard water will leave excess soap scum and soapy films in your shower and even on your dishes. Not only can these become cleaning issues, but can even become serious health issues if left neglected.
  • Your water might taste different: We have to be honest about one thing – minerals are actually good for your teeth, especially minerals like fluoride. However, even though hard water might help in terms of dental hygiene, hard water doesn’t taste good at all. In fact, the taste has been associated with tasting like metals, and can even be sour.
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