How to Protect Your A/C System During Monsoon Season - Parker & Sons

Here in Arizona, we experience more severe weather than many other states.  This time of year, monsoon season is our biggest threat. Monsoon season can bring high winds, severe downpours, dust storms, and downed power lines. It’s important to protect your A/C unit to avoid major damage and expensive repairs from these serious storms.

Keep the Area Around Your A/C Unit Clear of Debris

Trim back bushes, trees and other landscaping to keep leaves and branches away from your system.  During a storm, there’s always the threat of flying debris and falling trees. These can cause damage to the outside of the unit, but some debris may get lodged inside the unit as well.

Grass is another dangerous culprit. When you cut the grass, make sure to thoroughly clean up the clippings and keep the area around your air conditioner as clear as possible.  Grass clippings and weeds can get into the system, potentially clogging the coils and restricting airflow, which can lead to system failure.

Finally, don’t forget about your air filters! Monsoon season increases the amount of dust particles in the air that are being sucked into your A/C system, so be sure to replace your filters regularly!

Elevate your A/C Unit

Another major concern during monsoon season is flooding. Floods can do major damage to your unit, sometimes requiring complete replacement. Elevate you air conditioner so that if flooding does occur, the AC system remains above the standing water. This can be done by raising the platform or moving it to a spot in your yard that’s elevated above the rest of the land.

DO NOT try to move or elevate your A/C unit on your own. Contact us so we can help, ensuring that it is done properly and safely.

At Parker & Sons we have the expertise to help with all your air conditioning needs, no matter the weather or season. If monsoon season takes a toll on your A/C unit, give us a call or schedule your next appointment online!

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