How To Make A Fire Without A Lighter? (Part 2) - Parker & Sons

Okay, so maybe you don’t have any batteries on hand to build yourself a neat little fire to enjoy in the backyard, but don’t worry! There are plenty of ways that you can ignite some flames other than using a battery or steel wool brush.

With that in mind, get your tinder nest ready to go and read up on these additional ways to create some sparks.

Flint: Using flint to create a fire has been taught to countless people throughout the course of history. After all, flint was easily available in nature, making it accessible to nearly all. So, with your flint rock in hand, pick up a piece of char cloth or tree fungus (whichever you can find). Once you have your items, place them on top of each other in the same hand and strike the back of a steel blade onto the surface. The more you strike and the quicker you strike, the faster you’ll be able to create sparks to start your fire. Eventually, the char cloth or tree fungus will ignite and catch fire. Once you have that done, immediately place the char cloth or tree fungus onto your tinder nest, and blow or fan air on it to create large flames.

Magnifying Glass: If you don’t have one on hand, regular reading glasses will work just fine. Place your magnifying glass directly over your tinder fire, with a few drops of water in the center of the glass. Remember to tilt the lens towards the sun, otherwise this won’t work. When the glass is tilted towards the sun, the lens will create a beam of focused light that will heat up the tinder, causing it to start to ignite. Note that this might take a while, as it really depends on how strongly the sun is shining, and how well you are able to capture the focused light at just the right angle. Once you’ve ignited the tinder a bit, blow or fan the tinder very carefully.

And there you have it! A few interesting and fun ways to make your very old fire, the old fashioned way! Remember, always do this with extreme caution, and never use these methods for something other than starting a fire to keep warm.

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