How To Make A Fire Without A Lighter? (Part 1) - Parker & Sons

Looking for a way to stay warm this year? Well, aside from your traditional HVAC unit, it can be fun to have friends and family gather around the fire! You can stay warm while sharing stories, making s’mores, or telling scary ghost stories! While it’s always easy to make a fire in your fire pit using lighters, gasoline, and matches, try something new this year! Here are some different ways you can make a fire without the help of lighters, etc.

Tinder Fire: In order to build a tinder fire, you’ll have to find a lot of dry wood. Gather whatever you can, whether it be dry bark, twigs, or old wooden pallets. However, be aware that not all types of wood are actually flammable, so know your wood!

Now, you can light a tinder fire in any way with these methods. But remember to always be careful when doing so.

Batteries: Find yourself a battery to start your fire. 9-volt batteries tend to work better than others, but any battery you have on hand will do. Then, rub the battery terminals (the two circles on top of the battery) on steel wool, like the ones you have for scrubbing excess food off of pots and pans in the kitchen. Make sure it’s a newer steel wool brush, because those tend to have better friction than older brushes. Eventually, you’ll create so much friction that the steel wires will heat up and eventually spark. Don’t worry! You don’t burn your hand, but remember to be careful. Once you have a spark going, gently blow air onto the steel wool brush, which will prompt the sparks to turn into a small flame. Immediately place it into your tinder nest, and continue to blow or fan the nest until you have a full-fledged fire going!

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