How to Keep Warm in the Winter - Parker & Sons

Winter has settled upon Phoenix. Temperatures are dropping. Although Phoenix is not known for its legendarily cold winters, it can end up getting pretty chilly out. Phoenicians don’t handle this very well. We are a desert people, we are at home in 100 degrees, not 32 degrees! Don’t worry, there are plenty of tricks you can use to beat the cold, and most of them won’t cost you a dime.

Layer Layer Layer

Layering is a free, easy and convenient way to stay warm during the winter. You can layer with as many pieces of clothing as you like! If you start getting too warm, you can remove layers. Clothing isn’t the only thing you can layer with, you can also use blankets and comforters. Instead of cranking up the furnace at night, why not just get under several layers of blankets? You might even find yourself getting too warm.


Warm air loves to escape your home and windows are one its favorite exits. If it is frigid outside, warm air is going to be leached aggressively through the thin glass panes of your windows. If you want to cheaply keep the warm air in, you can cover your windows with blankets or insulation.

The Power of Warm Water

A hot shower, or steaming bath is a great way to stay warm during the winter. It will relax you and raise your body temperature, which will keep you warm even after you are done. You can also use hot water bottles. Water has a high heat capacity, which means its takes a while to cool down. Place a few of these near yourself strategically to beat the cold.

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