How Do Hot, Summer Days Affect Your Air Conditioning System?

When the temperature outside heats up, your A/C unit has to work extra hard to keep the temperatures inside your home cool and comfortable.  Your A/C system works by transferring the hot air from inside your home back outside.  Then, it has to cool the outside air before distributing it inside of your home. When the outside air is extremely hot, your system is working twice as hard.

Here are some simple tips to make sure your A/C system doesn’t get overworked and you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.


  • Shut windows & doors. Since your A/C system works by removing heat, if your windows or doors are open, the heat that was expelled will be coming right back in.
  • Keep air vents open. A/C systems are designed to cool a specific square footage.  If you block the air vents it will prevent your system from efficiently and effectively cooling your home.
  • Use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans and A/C systems work well together. Fans draw cooler air from the floor and distribute it throughout the room.  You can save energy by only using fans when rooms are occupied.
  • Check & replace dirty air filters. A dirty air filter in your A/C system will force your system to work harder, which you want to avoid on those really hot days! Check your filters monthly and replace as necessary.
  • Close blinds/curtains during the day. Keeping your blinds/curtains closed during the day helps minimize the amount of radiant heat from the sun that will get into your home.
  • Keep your A/C System tuned-up. Scheduling annual maintenance is a very important step to ensure your system can stand up to the hot days of summer.  Proper maintenance will keep your system running smoothly throughout the season.   Our technicians will check the fluids, electrical components, and mechanics of your system while also making sure any issues are fixed before they become major problems.

Our qualified technicians can perform a tune-up on your system, ensuring efficiency and comfort all summer long.  We service all A/C makes and models, so schedule your next appointment today!




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