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Keeping cool during the summer and warm in the winter can be as easy as maintaining the right type of HVAC care over the long term. For example, routinely checking door and window seals for any possible leaks is a great way to detect problems early with regard to a typical residential heating and cooling system. It is a known fact that drafty doors and windows can greatly reduce heating and cooling efficiency.

Reduce The Potential For Excessive And Ongoing Damage

In fact, some estimates suggest that efficiency can be reduced by as much as 20% when doors and windows are poorly sealed. In addition to doors and windows, it is also important to ensure that all ducting is sealed and functioning normally. One of the best ways of detecting poor seals is to have a routine maintenance inspection performed by a professional. This is especially important because it can help to reduce the potential for excessive and ongoing damage to an HVAC system.

An Excellent Way To Save Money

Trained and experienced technicians can quickly detect problems in the earlier stages ultimately saving homeowners and commercial operators considerable amounts of money over the long term. Routine inspections are an effective way of improving the quality of operation of an HVAC system and actually reducing the amount of required maintenance over the long term. Staying proactive in this regard is an excellent way to save money, improve efficiency and reduce the stress and burden on homeowners in general. As an added note, dirty air filters can substantially reduce overall efficiency. This is another case where a small investment in new filters can save money over the long term.

Turn On And Turn Off The System As Necessary

Finally, homeowners who do not already have a programmable thermostat installed should consider retrofitting to have this type of unit installed. An automated or programmable thermostat reduces the burden on the system of constantly having to maintain proper temperature control throughout a home. The system is automatic and designed to automatically turn on and turn off the system as necessary to ensure proper heating and cooling throughout all times of the year. Best of all, a programmable automatic thermostat is inexpensive and easy to install. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix heating and cooling services including maintenance, repair and installation.

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