How Your Home Electrical Habits Could Be Costing you Money - Parker & Sons

Who isn’t looking for ways that they can save money on their monthly electricity bill? Over the last several years, the size of energy bills has been steadily on the rise. Here in Phoenix, especially during summer, electricity bills can go from high, to downright unmanageable. It seems the more we work towards reducing our energy consumption, the more complicated things become. We use smarttechnology, HE appliances, pay for costly home upgrades, anything we can do to get ahead. As it turns out, there may be much easier ways to lower your monthly electricity bill. Let’s find out how!

Unplug and Save

You can start saving immediately by unplugging idle electrical appliances. The number of appliances and devices which remain “on” even while not in active use has risen dramatically. These items steadily draw electricity, while just as steadily inflating the size of your electricity bill. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, idle electronics cost Americans a startling $19 billion per year! That averages out to $165 per household. That is a lot of wasted electricity. But why has this problem been steadily getting worse over time?

The Digital Device Drain         

Much of this electrical bloat can be tied to formally mechanical devices which have now gone digital. The culprits are wide ranging and diverse, everything from fridges, washers, dryers, video game consoles, televisions, and modems to thermostats. The problem is easy to see when we look at modern washers, dryers, and fridges, which now feature electronic controls, high-definition displays, and even internet connectivity. All of these sophisticated new features cause the appliances to draw more power than ever before. This makes it even more important to unplug unused electronics such as phone charges, computers, and lights when you have the chance.

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