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Close up of a cupcake and fork sitting on a Christmas plate

Every time you do something, it’s supposed to get easier and easier, right? But for some reason this doesn’t seem to be true with holidays. They only get MORE stressful each year.

But perhaps that’s because, as experienced as you are, you don’t know about these 5 awesome tips we’re about to give you!

1. If you’re hosting a party, you want to have the best appetizers!

Crackers, almonds, chocolates…But why not kick things up a notch with a combination of these things, that your guests have never seen before?

Here’s an awesome recipe for honey prosciutto flatbread crackers…Just hope that people don’t completely fill up on these!

2. Stress yourself less with gold plastic utensils.

Who wants to do a bunch of dishes after Christmas dinner? Sure, Aunt Mabel might judge you because it’s not real silverware, but nobody else will!

3. Do you want your holiday cards to have a personal touch, but are you not a big fan of writing everything by hand?

Nowadays, most people just bypass the handwritten message, but with you can mail out snail mail cards, and type them up in a special font that’s just “messy” and realistic enough to look handwritten!

4. For some people, this will seem a little “extra”…

But people will never forget your awesome gift-wrapping skills if you just add something like a couple of Jingle Bells, or a splash of tinsel! And this doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You should be able to buy a bag of 50 Jingle Bells for $10 or so.

5. This final tip might be the most important tip of all: don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re stressed out!

Many people may not even be aware of what’s on your plate, and will be glad to lend a helping hand if it means they get a full belly in return!

We here at Parker and Sons may not be able to help you with your holiday party plans, cooking, decorating, or talking to distant relatives (sorry…), but we can certainly help you maintain or repair your HVAC system!

After all, how good is your holiday party going to be ifyour heat stops working right in the middle of it?

If you’d like us to inspect your system before the guests arrive, schedulean appointment or call (602) 273-7247!

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