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If you are performing home maintenance, or beginning home renovations, you are probably going to need to hire a contractor. Unless you are a DIY wizards, you are going to need someone to coordinate, run, and execute your project. It can be tough to find the right person for that job. A good contractor needs to be trustworthy, intelligent, competent and hardworking.

Vetting Your Contractor

Before you hire your contractor, you are going to want to find out as much about them as you possibly can. It is essential you properly vet any contractor who may work for you. Start by calling your local Better Business Bureau. They will have a complete history of any complaint that has ever been brought against your contractor. They will also have information on how those complaints were resolved. This will let you know about the validity and seriousness of the complaint.

Ask for a Detailed Written Proposal

Any competent, well organized contractor should be prepared to give you a detailed, written project proposal. The cost of every element of the project should be accounted for. You want to understand how much you are going to be spending on materials and labor. They should also provide you with an estimate on how long the project should take. This proposal is a way of ensure that you and the contractor are both on the same page.

Receive Multiple Estimates

It is of absolute importance that you receive multiple estimates for your project. Once a few contractors have provided you with estimates, you can begin to compare and contrasts them. Look at the details. Find out why one contractor is going to charge you more for sink fixtures than the other. You can use these multiple offers in negotiations. Be careful of an estimate that seems unusually low. Contractors who under bid will likely start nickel and diming you during construction.

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