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For any heating or air conditioning system to be fully and properly functional it requires having the right type of filter. In addition to having the right type of filter is also important to ensure that filters are clean and in good working order. In most instances, homeowners have a choice between disposable filters and reusable filters when it comes to today’s modern HVAC systems.

Holding Up The Filter To A Bright Light

Most experts would agree that disposable mesh filters are the most convenient and easiest to use. Simply removing the old filter and replacing it with a new one on a regular schedule makes filter care and maintenance easy, convenient and affordable. Checking a disposable filter to determine whether or not it should be replaced can be as easy as holding up the filter to a bright light or sunshine. If it is difficult to see through a filter it is likely time to replace it with a new one. Replacing filters on a monthly basis or at least every 90 days is recommended.

Result In Mold And Fungus Forming

Reusable air-conditioning and heating filters are another option for homeowners. This type of filter is washable and is usually made using a metal or fiberglass frame. These filters can be cleaned by simply vacuuming first and then hosing down the filter in an area outdoors such as on a driveway. These types of filters can even be rinsed clean in an average utility tub. As a note of caution, homeowners should make certain that this type of filter is completely dry before reinstalling it into the air conditioning and heating system. A wet filter can result in mold and fungus forming within the system.

Trapping A Wide Variety Of Common Pollutants

Mold and fungus can spread throughout air-conditioning and heating systems and into the ducts, ultimately contaminating air and affecting air quality. There are many reusable filters to choose from on the market today. Many of these filters come with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Homeowners should review the significance of this type of rating system to determine which filter will be best for their particular needs. In most cases, the higher the rating the more efficient the filter will be at trapping a wide variety of common pollutants. Contact Parker & Sons today for heating and air-conditioning repair in Phoenix.

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