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Recently on the blog, we talked a bit about hard water, the causes and how to identify it. So, you’ve taken a look, and sure enough, your dishes have spots, soap scum is built up in the shower, and the water tastes a little off. Your water is looking less than soft. Now how do you fix that?

Depending on your end use for the water the treatment will vary. If you simply want to address the symptoms and not the cause, then you have a few options. You can use white vinegar to spot treat the mineral build up. This canbe used on the soap scum build up in showers, tubs, and other water fixtures to get them looking sparkling. It is a temporary fix, but if the build up you experience isn’t drastic, then it might be the way to go.

If hard water has your laundry coming through looking less than clean, fear not! There is a solution to this problem as well. Look for ‘non-precipitating water conditioners.’ This product will grab the minerals in the water and contain them in the solution, allowing for it all to go down the drain when cleaning is complete. Find a brand that works for you and your wash, follow all instructions to the letter and your clothes should be coming out the machine fresh as can be. If your towels are stiff form hard water, you can use the white vinegar method to freshen them up.

If you’re looking to cook and the hard water has got your meals tasting just off, then maybe you want to soften it up first. To do this simply boil the water for a few minutes and then let it cool for an hour or two. The minerals in the water that make it hard should have settled to the bottom of the pot at that point. Now take the mineral-free water and make like Gordon Ramsay.

These have been a handful of temporary treatments for the symptoms of some of the issues people are likely to experience when it comes to hard water in their homes. Next time on the blog, we’ll go a bit more in depth on treating the problem, not just the symptoms.


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