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That time of the year has finally come, when the heat of summer dissipates, the air becomes cool and crisp, and one of our favorite holidays, Halloween swiftly approaches. And really, who doesn’t love Halloween? Kids get the chance to dress up and go adventuring out in the neighborhood. It is like an extra exciting scavenger hunt, and the best part, is that there is candy at the end. So much candy. Candy for days. And the best, best part about Halloween is that it does not come with all associated stress and worries of the later holidays in the holiday season such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, there are a number of specific safety concerns which should be addressed during Halloween. We will discuss those today.

Checking Candy

Always, always, always check the candy your kids gather during trick-or-treating. Even if you have lived in your neighborhood for years and a trusting, this is a good idea. It is a simple process that just takes a few minutes. If candy wrappers are loose, throw them out. If it appears that they have been opened or tampered with in any way, throw them out.

Careful on the Streets

Trick-or-Treating happens at night when visibility is low. Be careful when you are walking through the neighborhood. Stick to well-lit areas. When crossing the street, make sure you look both ways. Always side on the side of caution. If you kids are under the age of 13, you should probably accompany them the entire time. Most safety experts would advise that you incorporate bright colors, reflective tape, or lights somewhere in your Halloween costumes to increase visibility.

Finally, remember to have fun! That is what Halloween is all about.

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