Fundamentals on Central Air Conditioning | Parker & Sons

air-conditioning-installationResidents of Mesa, Arizona rely on air conditioning systems to function properly, especially throughout summer. It’s unimaginable to have a single summer day without air conditioning services in Mesa. Local home and business owners are thankful for this cool comfort that Parker & Sons air conditioning supplies. To better understand, let’s discuss the basics of an air conditioning system. By doing so, you are educating yourself and enabling your ability to identify initial stage issues and perhaps, save yourself time and money.

Compressor and Condenser – The compressor and condenser parts of air conditioning systems are fitted on the outdoor unit. The compressor, one of the major parts of central air conditioning system, is a motorized pump that pressurizes the refrigerant making it move through coils and valves. The condenser is the coil system attached to the compressor that dissipates the heat.

Air Handler and Evaporator – The indoor unit of the air conditioner system is composed of two parts, which are the air handler and evaporator. The air handler’s role is to extract and blow air throughout the ductwork. Afterward, the evaporator coils then work to cool the extracted air. This unit also contains an air filter to make sure that the air reaching you is free of dust and all other impurities.

Refrigerant – The refrigerant role within air conditioning systems is to cool the extracted air by absorbing its heat. The heat extracted by the system is dissipated with the help of the condenser coils and the exhaust fan.

Consider the aforementioned and how they work together, and separately, when taking into consideration that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Spotting potential or initial issues with your air conditioning system can save you time and money. When professional help is required, Parker & Sons will provide excellent air conditioning services in the Mesa area, always-ensuring quality work and competitive rates.

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