Four Tips for Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor

hiring a HVAC contractor for your businessOwning a commercial property is never easy. You don’t get to just sit back and collect rent checks. Instead, you need to constantly maintain your property to keep current customers happy and convert prospects. At times, this will mean hiring a commercial HVAC contractor. This is no easy task. Yes, your options abound. You want the best, though. Picking the wrong contractor won’t just cost you time and money. It will hurt your reputation and your chances of bringing in customers down the line.

Four Tips for Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor

  • Start Early

Fortunately, vetting your list of potential commercial HVAC professionals doesn’t need to be hard. It starts with knowing what you want. A commercial air conditioning service is one thing. You may need commercial plumbing though. Even in an emergency situation, it’s worth taking the time to analyze your needs. However, now that you have the time, think about the future. What you want is a professional service that can handle commercial heating systems, AC and plumbing. Those companies exist and now is the time to vet them.

  • Credentials

Your next step couldn’t be easier. Check for credentials. HVAC for buildings is big business. This means you’ll find no shortage of “professionals” ready to meet your needs. If you make the mistake of buying their pitch, you’ll hurt later on.

Make sure the people you’re considering have the right licenses for working on commercial HVAC systems. You’ll soon find that a lot of prospects don’t have the right license. Though they may have plenty of “experience”, there’s no way to verify this. For enough money, a lot of people will say all kinds of things.

Some may even offer you steep discounts. Ignore them. It’s illegal to hire these people. Doing so could mean you may not only end up with poor service; you could end up in legal trouble.

  • Experience

The longer a company has been dealing with something like commercial air conditioning, the better. Whatever service you’re in the market for, always give credence to experience.

Yes, things like commercial plumbing change over the years. New systems come out, which means professionals need to learn the ropes.

That being said, a company with decades of experience has been through this over and over again. They know the importance of learning new commercial heating systems or HVAC for buildings. Just because a company is new doesn’t mean their staff knows what they’re doing. A lot of new businesses in Phoenix simply outsource their orders to commercial HVAC “professionals.” Unfortunately, you’ll soon find that those servicemen don’t have a sound understanding of your needs.

  • Reviews

Whether you want commercial air conditioning, commercial plumbing or you need help with your property’s commercial heating systems, you’re at a huge advantage. The digital age means reviews are plentiful for those who need professionals experienced with HVAC for buildings.

Now, that you’ve followed the above advice, the only step left is to make sure that those companies you were considering will actually live up to the hype. Go online and search for “commercial HVAC” or whatever it is you want. Look for customer reviews that speak highly of the services they received.

Again, anyone can say they’re the best. Go read up on what their customers have to say on the matter.

Commercial HVAC services aren’t something you can take lightly. However, if you follow these four simple steps, you’ll have a whole lot less to worry about.

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