Four Proven Techniques for Unclogging a Toilet (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Hopefully you haven’t been sitting around with a clog for a few days waiting for us to post the second part of this blog series on four proven techniques for unclogging a toilet! For most individuals, there are only two options when it comes to unclogging a toilet. They will half-heartedly attempt to use a plunger, and if that doesn’t work, they will get on the phone and call up a plumber. And while we are always happy to come out and help you bust-up a clog, (and frankly some clogs require a professional touch) some clogs can be cleared using one of the proven techniques we are about to discuss.

Enzyme Waste Removal

We should note – enzyme waste removal only works if the clog is biological. This means it will not work if someone shoved a toy down the toilet. Enzyme waste removal products can be bought at most home goods stores. Follow the directions on the bottle and your clog will be busted in no time!

Plumbing Snake

Sometimes a clog just feels like being stubborn. Other times, the clog may just be too far down the pipes out of reach. In such a circumstance, a plumbing snake is just the tool you need! These long, flexible coils of wire can slide down deep into the plumbing system to clear out clogs that would otherwise be out of reach. Now, not everyone owns a plumbing snake, so you may end up having to call a plumber.

Or, Use An Alternative

In some cases, a wire coat hanger can substitute for a plumbing snake. Unwind the coat hanger and secure a rag to one end using duct tape. This is to prevent the hanger from scratching the porcelain of the toilet. Now, you can use the hanger just like a plumbing snake! It won’t have the same reach, but it will perform as a reasonable facsimile.

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