Flood Buzz – A Low-Cost Leak Sensor Solution - Parker & Sons

In the home services world, preventative maintenance is always a high priority. Even in best-case scenarios, performing huge repairs can be a timely and expensive endeavor. If we can do anything to nip large problems in the bud before they can spiral out of control, then we have done our loyal customers a major service.

We are always looking for ways to improve our methods of detecting and anticipating issues. Leaks in the home plumbing system are often slow, insidious, and can result in major damage. For example, mold and mildew growth, often the result of a leak, can necessitate costly repairs.

Recently, we came across Flood Buzz, a low-cost leak sensor designed to give you plenty of warning in the event of a slow leak somewhere in your home.

The Flood Buzz is a small device of simple design. The entire apparatus is contained within a smallwhite cylinder just over an inch tall. Within the cylinder is a device that sounds a 110 dB alarm if the Flood Buzz detects a leak.

Now, you might be wondering, exactly how does the Flood Buzz detect leaks? Is there a bunch of expensive electrical equipment inside? Is it covered in sensors and high-tech H20 detectors?

No! Not at all.

All the Flood Buzz uses to detect water are two metal prongs 1/8” in length. Water is an electrical conductor. If water comes into contact with both prongs, which are very close together, it completes an electrical circuit and sounds the 110 dB alarm. Now, the Flood Buzz does require a battery, but here is the good news, the integral battery, which come with the device, will last for approximately three years, making the Flood Buzz a cost effective way to detect leaks.

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