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A float safety switch is a quick and inexpensive safety piece that detects a backed up or clogged drain and simply turns off the system before it overflows. No overflow means no water damage to your ceiling or walls and eliminates potential mold growth. Give yourself peace of mind and protect your home today with a Parker & Son’s float safety switch. 

What Is a Parker & Sons Safety Float Switch?

To collect and dispose of this moisture, a drain pan should be installed on all air conditioning units. Unfortunately, if there is too much of an overflow or a drain line backs up, water can spill out, create water damage or worse, grow mold or bacteria. That’s why we always install a condensate float safety switch with every install we do. If the moisture begins to collect in the drainage line, a small ball valve, within the safety switch, will begin to float thus transmitting a signal to the compressor unit to turn off. If you had your system installed by us, you already have this safety feature, if someone else installed, odds are you don’t. Water damage isn’t fun and a Float Safety Switch is inexpensive, don’t take the risk. 

Protect Your Home with a Float Safety Switch from Parker & Sons

There are numerous benefits of installing our safety float switch into your air conditioning unit including:

  • Eliminates the potential for water damage
  • Low cost
  • Low potential for parts to fail
  • Mitigating mold and other microbial growth
  • Significant cost savings

 Eliminate the possibility of water damage and bacteria growth, with this simple low-cost device.

Call today to inquire about a safety switch or float.

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