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Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog where we have been leak-busting all month long.For Parker & Sons Plumbing Professionals, finding and fixing leaks is more than a job, it is a passion! It is almost like a fun game of hide and seek, only the leaks never hide well enough, and the Parker & Sons plumbing professionals ALWAYS win. In our last two posts we talked about drain leaks, as well as those along the base of your shower or tub. Today, we are wrapping things up when it comes to fixing the leaks you never notice. Let’s get into it!

  1. Toilet Flange Leaks

Toilet flange leaks occur where the toilet and the waste pipe meet. They are a particularly unpleasant breed of leak. With a toilet flange leak, water seeps out with every flush. What’s worse… we are talking about flushed water. Ya, eww. Gross. Let’s fix this ASAP.

Usually, it is easy to tell if you have a toilet flange leak. If the leak has been, well, leaking for a while, the flooring around the toilet may be discolored or damaged. Or, just flush the toilet and see if any water accumulates at the base of the toilet.

The first step in fixing a leaking flange is removing the toilet. Now, you have to identify what the actually problem is. Is the flange cracked? Is it loose? Was the toilet sitting on it unevenly? Can you not identify anything wrong?

The next step in fixing the leak is different depending on the problem. If the flange is cracked, you need to replace it. If you can’t identify the problem, you may need to reinstall the flange with a new wax ring.

Often, fixing a toilet flange is a job best handled by the professionals. Call Parker & Sons today at (602)273-7247. With a quick visit from a Parker & Sons Plumbing Professional, your toilets will be flushing like new.

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