Fixing the Leaks you Never Notice (Part One) - Parker & Sons

We have been talking a lot about leaks this month and for good reason, leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners and renters will face. They are often one of the most frustrating as well. One of the hardest parts about fixing many of the smaller, subtle leaks in your home simply comes down to FINDING them. After all, you cannot fix what you cannot find. Today, we are going to discuss a few types of leaks that often go hidden for months at a time. Addressing these leaks can help you get your water waste issues under control today!

  1. Tub and Shower Leaks

When we go on the hunt for hidden leaks, we like to think about the location in our home where most of the water is used. We are not going to go to the bedroom to find leaks. We don’t use any water in there at all. The bathroom, however, that is a different story. Almost 68 percent of the water in the home passes through a bathroom. And a lot of that water passes through the shower or tub.

Finding these leaks can take time because they are often very slow, subtle leaks. Fill the bathtub slowly, make sure as little water splashes as possible. Next, lay down some paper towels along the base of the tub. Leave the bathroom for 5-10 minutes before checking back. If the paper towels have absorbed moisture, there may be a small leak in the sealing of your tub.

Fixing this issue can be quick inexpensive. The odds are, you already have some caulking laying around in your garage somewhere. Apply it to the area around the base of the tube where you believe the leak is. There you go! Leak defeated!

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