Fire Safety: An Important Element of Home Maintenance - Parker & Sons

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the home maintenance aspect of plumbing, heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation. But that is not all there is! Keeping your home in fantastic condition is a never ending job. Or so you hope. Say your house burns down, suddenly you don’t have to worry about home maintenance at all! But that is not really so great a solution now is it? How about we keep your home from burning down by focusing on the fire safety aspects of home maintenance.

Check your Smoke Detectors

It is recommended that you check the condition of you smoke detectors several times a year. Put yourself on a bi-monthly program. Each smoke detector in your home should come equipped with a test button. Simple press the button and hold it for a few seconds while the test runs. If it run successfully, you are in good shape and can rest easy! Always remember to keep extra batteries in the house. Replace batteries the moment a smoke detectors starts giving off that tell-tale chirp signaling it is low on power.

Practice makes perfect

You should create and evacuation plan and go over it with your family. If a disaster does strike and you find yourself in a home fire, every second will count. You want to avoid panic as well. This is where practice is so important. If every member of your family has the evacuation plan ingrained in their brain, they will be able to execute it without hesitation.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter not only makes it difficult to navigate through your home and escape quickly, it can also contribute to a home fire spreading. Cluttered homes burn fast and people get trapped inside them. Avoid clutter with weekly cleaning sessions.


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