Fire Prevention Month Promotion - Smoke Alarm Testing


You’re lying in bed, nice and comfortable, when suddenly you hear that loud chirping sound, and it’s not coming from a bird. Your smoke detector battery is low. So, you’re probably just going to take the battery out and go back to bed, right?


Well, you probably shouldn’t do that. One of the most important yet frequently overlooked safety devices in your home is your smoke detector.


Since October is Fire Prevention Month, Parker and Sons wants to make sure your family is safe all year long. We are offering a Fire Prevention Inspection promotion that includes smoke alarm testing.


Here’s what our promotion offers, making sure your family is safe in the event of a fire.


Smoke Alarm Testing

 Our techs will conduct a basic test of your smoke alarm to make sure it has power and sound. Checking the manufacture date is important too, because smoke alarms should be replaced about every ten years.


When we test your smoke alarms, we will do more than just push the “test” button on the unit. That button only insures that it has sound; it can’t guarantee that the sensor is functional. In addition to testing the unit, wires and connections will be inspected. Improper voltage or loose connections can cause false alarms (and not to mention headaches from the loud noise).



Smoke Alarm Locations



The National Electrical Code mandates that, at minimum, a smoke detector is located in each bedroom and hallways near the bedrooms. There must also be one on each floor, including basements. If your home doesn’t have alarms in these locations, don’t worry; we’re here to help. We can install them for you.



Your safety is important to us. To make sure your home is prepared in case of a fire, give us a call to find out if you qualify for our Fire Prevention Month promotion, or schedule your next service call online.






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