Famous, Legendary, And... Surprising Plumbers (Part Four) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog, where this month we are spending quite a bit of time discussing some of the most famous, legendary, influential, and surprising plumbers of all time. Whether people appreciate it or not, plumbing is an essential element of daily life. There was a time in this world when no one had home plumbing. Instead of flushing the toilet, they dumped a disgusting bucket out of the window. Instead of turning on the tap for a drink of water, they had to walk sometimes miles to the local well. Instead of taking a quick shower… they just smelled bad. So let’s take a moment to thank all the hard working plumbers who help us live better lives. Today, we are going to continue our look at famous plumbers.

John Harrington

John Harrington, born on August 4, 1561, was a translator, courtier, author, scientist, and inventor. It is his work as an inventor that we are most interested in. In our previous blog, we talked about the role that Thomas Crapper played in inventing the flush toilet. However, hundreds of years before the flush toilet, we had sit-down toilets similar to the modern porta-potty. The hard work of John Harrington contributed to the invention of modern sit-down toilet design we all use on a daily basis. And for that we honor the memory of John Harrington, and thank him for helping us live the lives we do today.

Joe The Plumber

Do you remember Joe the Plumber? For a brief moment in 2008, one Joe Wurzelbacher’s star burned bright as he hit the campaign trail for then presidential candidate Barrack Obama. Joe the Plumber stood in for the American Everyman. He spoke as to how American life would change under an Obama Presidency. Regardless of your politics, it was nice seeing a plumber stand in the limelight, even for just a few months.

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