Famous Bathrooms - Parker & Sons

When you think about a trip to the John, luxury and extravagance rarely come to mind. Usually, toilet paper sprawled amidst a dirty tiled floor is the image that most meet. But there are a few unique individuals who want their loo looking like the lourve. Here are a few notable mentions and the people that commissioned them.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, amidst his lunatic rants relieved himself in a 3.7 million dollar bathroom between discourses on winning and also allegations of trolls. His bathroom featured a standing shower, his and hers basins made of gold, and a smart toilet that basically cleaned itself. If this bathroom wasn’t enough to keep all the warlocks and trolls at bay, he shared the bathroom with his beloved and beautiful spouse, Brooke Mueller.

50 Cent

Now, how much longer this bathroom will exist is unclear (50 cent just filed bankruptcy). But its clear 50 cent did more than spend his money up in da club on bottle service and jewelry, he also built an impressive marble bathroom in his $21,000,000 house. Indeed, the bathroom is a work of art, equipped with his trademark basketball caps and opulent cash money embroidering. But of course, the value in this bathroom is the expensive imported marble that adorns the walls and floor of the bathroom.

Christina Aguilera

She is one of the few pop stars of the 90’s (Brittaney, Spice Girls, J-lo) who seemed to have good taste. Her bathroom is adorned with fine art, a fireplace, and giant designer rug with her face on it. Obviously she asked her genie in a bottle to bring her a beautiful bathroom.

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