Everyday Electrical Errors Part 2 - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog. Last time we began a series on common electrical problems found in homes and their possible causes. We started with the easiest electrical problems to pick out when the lights aren’t working quite right. This time we are going to look over another frequent problem in our circuits. Tripping breakers.

Breaker Breaks

Much like the safety feature on lights we discussed last time, the cutting out of power is often a safety feature, like tripping the circuit breaker. We have all been there, home, the TV blaring, putting something in the microwave and then heading into the bathroom to finish drying our hair and fwoom everything goes dark. That is your circuit breaker in action, preventing you from accidentally overloading electricity through your home at dangerous levels.

The key here is something you can fix on your own! Mindfulness, being aware of just how much of a load you are putting on your homes electrical infrastructure and adjusting accordingly. If you’re not in a room, don’t leave every electronic device running. That sort of thing. If preventing these overloads isn’t possible then the only recourse is the creation of a separate circuit for the heavy use items. Creating new circuit will require an electrician to come in but once done you should not have any more trips to the garage in the dark to flip your circuit breakers. There is always the possibility that the breakers are old and in need of repair, again a professional electrician will be the key fix.

Dead Outlets

Outlets throughout the house can have a variety of issues of their own. Some may be dead, one plug works while another doesn’t, a switch that should energize an outlet and yet does not appear to work. Possible causes are a poor connection whether, from poor installation or age, this can affect half or the entire socket. If the outlets are in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor spaces such as garages, then the outlet may have tripped the built-in safety feature to prevent any accidental electrocutions.

That has been two more common electrical problems you may encounter in your home and their likely causes and solutions. As always if you encounter anything that is beyond your skill or comfort, which with electrical can be immediate and deadly, find the right guy and work with them to get your home in order. Til next time!

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