Everybody Wins! - Parker & Sons

Parker and Sons, voted Arizona’s number one service provider five years over by ranking Arizona, renewed their pledge to support The Special Olympics by launching their everybody wins program. The Everybody Wins Program is a triangle of mutual benefit involving the athletes, Parker and Sons, and the customer. Last year, Parker and Sons raised $400,000 thousand.  This year, they hope to surpass that amount.

How it Works

For every repair, or maintenance call, Parker and Sons will donate $5 dollars; for every new AC Parker and Sons installs, they will donate $25. So, the customer has a donation pledged on their behalf, The Special Olympics reaps the benefits of the event, and Parker and Sons continues to provide top notch quality service to the residence of Phoenix, Arizona.

The Special Olympics

Starting in 1962, the Special Olympics began as a summer camp for adults and children with intellectual disabilities. Since then, it has blossomed into one of the largest organizations for supporting children and adults with disabilities. In fact, the Special Olympics supports over 4.4 million athletes worldwide. Some of the events in the Special Olympics include: Alpine skiing, ballroom dancing, handball, billiards, judo, powerlifting, table tennis, badminton, and bocce, just to name a few. Athletes of all skill level are encouraged to participate because the primary purpose is community and fun.

More than Just an Event

The Special Olympics is more than just a sporting event and philanthropy. The Special Olympics is a symbol for courage and human growth. Everyone in attendance can learn something from the athletes. Indeed, the Everyobody wins program is also a symbol. It represents the synergy and mutual benefit that Parker and Sons upholds as its highest regard. Parker and Sons is indebted to the community and the community is committed to them.

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